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Helping you be great at Product-Market fit


Do you have a great idea for a product, but aren't sure if the demand for it is there?

You know people need your product, but the users don't seem to get it?

Do you feel like your product could perform better?

Product Consultant

With over two decades of international experience in and around the product life-cycle, I am here to help.

As a data-driven, strategic problem solver and creative innovator, I have experience in supporting, analyzing, maintaining, managing, selling, marketing, designing, creating and rolling-out technology products.

My unique background allows me to balance your vision with the demand in the market and the pains and needs of your customers and prospects. The outcome is a product strategy that works.

This will result in significant, measurable benefits:


Product-Market Fit

What is Product-Market fit?

Mark Andreesen, who is credited for developing the concept, defines it as "Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market". In his book The Lean Product Playbook, Dan Olsen describes an actionable framework consisting of a hierarchical model called "The Product Market Fit Pyramid", which goes into more details.

But it essentially means, that your product has the best chances of success if it's value proposition, feature composition and user experience aligns with what is needed in the market by the chosen target audience right now. As neither user needs nor market demands are static, it is best to put analytical tools in place, that allow you to respond to changes in the market effectively. I will help you identify and stay in product-market fit.

Product Discovery

Say you have a great idea for a product or feature and you know this is something that isn't available in the market at the time. You set a team of product developers to the task of creating this product/feature, but after releasing it, you realize nobody wants it. This could have all kinds of reasons, from being wrong about the apparent demand over user expectations not being aligned with the implementation, to the fact that while there was a need, your solution does not solve the underlying problem. 

As a result, the time and money you invested in the product/feature is wasted. To solve this, you have to investigate the problem in a cost- and time-efficient manner. In his book Inspired, Marty Cagan describes this as "We need to learn fast, yet also release with confidence". With product discovery I offer you the tools to do so.

Product Messaging

Having the right product for the right market is certainly an important step for your products success, but you still need to spread the word. Maybe your product is very technical, or it's benefit is not readily apparent? Crafting understandable and relatable messages of it's value proposition to the right users is where product messaging comes in. I will help you translate technical concepts into relevant business outcomes for your existing and future customers.